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Q2 2015 Earnings

July 28, 2015
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Fact Sheets

UPS Snapshots for Small Businesses
International trade has been one of the few bright spots in the economy throughout the recession; exports of goods and services rose by a seasonally adjusted $3.7 billion in September (source: U.S. Department of Commerce).

With today’s technology and supply chain solutions, customers across borders can be reached just as easily as customers next door.  However, most SMBs don’t pursue international trade due to unfamiliarity with global markets (source: UPS Business Monitor).

The following guides provide an overview of global markets that present significant opportunity to U.S. businesses, whether they are just beginning to explore international trade or already expanding to new markets. 

UPS's Values, Mission, and Strategy
UPS's values, mission, and strategy statements provide guidance regarding our daily decisions. They make clear our priorities and encourage us to seize new opportunities. By following these principles, our actions are aligned to meet the needs of our company, people, customers, shareowners, and communities.

UPS Uses Technology and Operational Efficiencies to Reduce Fuel Consumption and Emissions
As the world's largest package delivery company, fuel consumption is a necessary business expense that accounts for an average of 5.6 percent of UPS's operating revenue. From both a business and environmental perspective, UPS is committed to developing and testing innovative solutions and investing in technologies that minimize fuel consumption and reduce our impact on the environment.

UPS Supplier Diversity Program Fact Sheet

UPS Alternative Fuels - Propane

UPS Singapore Fact Sheet

UPS Latin America and The Caribbean Fact Sheet

Conservation Goals: UPS Air Fleet Efficiency

Information on NTSB Hearing on UPS Flight 1354

UPS North American Freight Cross-Border Backgrounder

UPS New Zealand Fact Sheet

UPS 2011 Diversity Grants
UPS announced grants totaling $7 million to more than 80 non-profit organizations whose mission is to support diverse populations. These grants will fund programs that develop leadership skills, promote education and encourage inclusion of all individuals.

UPS Snapshot for Small Businesses: Doing business in Brazil

UPS Leadership featured on Bloomberg TV
UPS leaders discussed holiday shipping, the U.S. economy, 3D printing, and drone deliveries on Bloomberg TV.

UPS Freight Less-Than-Truckload and Truckload Services

The UPS Foundation Conflict of Interest Policy

UPS Snapshot for Small Businesses: Doing business in Poland

UPS Healthcare Industry Focus
UPS has deep expertise in the healthcare industry and provides a broad range of services and solutions to manage the entire healthcare supply chain. From small- to mid-sized businesses to large, global pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers, UPS helps healthcare companies speed products to market; facilitate new product introductions; meet time-critical customer needs; ensure regulatory compliance; reduce inventory management costs; streamline ordering and billing processes; and maximize supply chain visibility.

Saving Fuel: UPS Uses Telematics To Go - And Save - Green
Telematics is the integration of telecommunications and informatics. Popular consumer uses of telematics include location-based search results on smart phones and driver information systems in automobiles. At UPS, we have created a proprietary system of telematics that combines a wealth of information about the behavioral and mechanical variables that affect attributes such as fuel efficiency in the delivery process. This enables us to use our delivery vehicles as "rolling laboratories" in which we collect data, test ideas and hone our performance. In 2011, delivery drivers in telematics-equipped vehicles eliminated more than 98.0 million minutes of idling time.

UPS Airlines Fire Safety Enhancements

Greening the Post-Sales Supply Chain

UPS My Choice and a Residential Redux
The launch of UPS My Choice,sm a transformational new service that lets consumers take control of their package deliveries, represents a bit of a return to the past for UPS - sharpening a focus on residential deliveries.

Technology Facts: UPS
Learn more about the technology behind UPS.

UPS Air Operations - Supplier Diversity

UPS - TNT Press Conference
UPS CEO Scott Davis, CFO Kurt Kuehn and President of International Dan Brutto briefed the media about the UPS - TNT agreement in Amsterdam.

UPS Global Air Freight Services
UPS Global Air Freight Fast Facts:

  • Manages over 1 billion kilos of air freight annually
  • World’s ninth largest airline and among the top five international air freight forwarders
  • Global reach with over 900 facilities in over 120 countries and territories
  • Dedicated North American and European networks
  • Automated online scheduling of day-specific air freight deliveries
  • Online tracking of freight movements in real time
  • One of the world's largest customs brokers, with offices in over 60 countries
  • Time critical, charter and last mile delivery services also available 24/7/365

New Jersey Solar Installation Fact Sheet
UPS has installed a rooftop solar array at its Lakewood, New Jersey facility that will provide a significant portion of the building's peak energy needs. 

UPS Indonesia Fact Sheet

Fuel Management and Conservation at the UPS Airlines
Automobile drivers may be feeling the pinch at the gas pump, but try fueling the world's ninth largest airline. As UPS operates 282 aircraft, the company looks to the sky to continue its sustainability efforts and increase the efficiency of its operations.

UPS Japan Fact Sheet

Total Delivery Service Contract
Oct. 1 marks the beginning of our new three-year multi-million-dollar Total Delivery Service contract with the U.S. Department of Defense.

UPS Road Code Fact Sheet
UPS Road CodeSM is a UPS-sponsored teen safe driving program being offered in conjunction with Boys & Girls Clubs of America, thanks to a three-year $2 million grant from The UPS Foundation. In 2011, the Road Code™ program taught nearly 2,000 young people in four countries (the U.S., Canada, Germany, and England). In 2012, we plan to bring the program to our Asia pacific region, beginning with the city of Shanghai in China.

UPS Declared Value Q&A

UPS Healthcare Facilities Backgrounder
Through its extensive network of global healthcare facilities, UPS offers healthcare companies access to solutions that help them meet the special storage and handling needs of pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device products, ensure regulatory compliance and speed products to market.

246 Million Miles and Beyond
In 2000, UPS began calculating the miles the green fleet was traveling annually. In 2011, the green fleet hit 246 million miles, with a goal of logging 400 million miles by 2017.

UPS Value-Added Freight Services
UPS air, ocean, ground and rail/intermodal freight services all can be tailored to individual customer needs and can be combined with additional UPS services such as UPS Customs Brokerage, UPS Supplier Management and direct-to-store/customer solutions. These value-added freight offerings give customers a range of competitive advantages including speed to market, regulatory compliance assistance and maximizing visibility across the supply chain.

Post Sales Logistics Backgrounder
At UPS, Reverse Logistics through advanced returns and repair management, efficiently place inventory back into global supply chains. A team of experienced, certified technicians and engineers coordinate processes, from transportation to tracking and closure of repair orders.

On the Road to the 2012 Men's Final Four with the Company that Created the Court
It may be surprising to many people that the road to the NCAA Final Four Championship actually begins in a tiny town on Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

Automotive Fact Sheet - The UPS Value
UPS operates one of the world’s largest transportation fleets and is a major consumer of vehicles and aftermarket parts. There are more than 96,000 delivery trucks, vans, tractors, and motorcycles, including 2,745 alternative-fuel and technology vehicles.

Cost Savings Through Capacity Building
Through a range of innovative global programs, The UPS Foundation, the philanthropic arm of UPS, has developed a multi-sector commitment to urgent humanitarian relief, allowing the company to leverage its immense logistics and supply chain knowledge to help organizations better respond to disaster.

UPS Corporate Climate Change Statement

UPS 2010 Pain in the Supply Chain Survey

UPS Worldport Supplier Diversity Fact Sheet

UPS Korea Fact Sheet

UPS Fact Sheet
Get the facts and figures about the world's largest package delivery company and one of the leading global providers of specialized transportation and logistics services.

UPS Air Operations Facts

UPS First In Industry to Purchase Hydraulic Hybrid Vehicles
UPS is the first company in the package delivery industry to purchase hydraulic hybrid vehicles (HHVs). UPS added seven HHVs to its “green fleet,” which now totals 2,129 low carbon vehicles, including HHVs, electric, hybrid electric, compressed natural gas (CNG), liquefied natural gas, and propane-powered trucks. The first two HHV will be deployed in Minneapolis during the first quarter of 2009, and the additional five HHVs will be deployed later in 2009 and early 2010.

UPS Aircraft Fleet Fact Sheet
Since purchasing its first aircraft in 1981, UPS has become one of the world's largest airlines.

UPS Practices Environmental Innovation At Headquarters And Beyond
UPS's environmental commitment and innovation is evident at its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, which was created in natural surroundings that play a prominent role in the design. Rather than building a tall skyscraper when the company relocated from Greenwich, Connecticut, UPS designed a building that works with its natural surroundings to provide an enjoyable work environment for its employees.

UPS Worldport Facts
Worldport is the largest fully automated package handling facility in the world. The operation currently turns over approximately 130 aircraft daily, processing an average of 1.6 million packages a day with a record of nearly 5 million packages processed on Peak Day 2013.

Hurricane Sandy Updates
Superstorm Sandy has affected UPS service in areas on the Eastern Coast of the United States.

UPS Returns Technology

UPS Composite Car Fact Sheet

The UPS Logo - A Brief History

UPS TradeAbility and Quantum View Manage Importers

UPS China Fact Sheet

UPS carbon neutral Fact Sheet

UPS My Choice Overview
UPS My Choicesm is a revolutionary new home delivery service that will enable busy consumers to conveniently control and manage their incoming package deliveries to fit their busy lifestyles. The new service will alleviate many consumer concerns related to shipping, including missing packages, worrying about packages left outside, trekking to a depot to retrieve missed packages, waiting all day for a package or counting on others to sign for a package.

UPS Corporate Sustainability Report 2013 Fact Sheet
In July 2014, UPS published its 12th sustainability report. The 2013 report documents UPS's ongoing efforts to increase sustainability through its "Committed to More™" approach. Noting that sustainability is often discussed in terms of doing less, UPS is committed to efficiently providing more - for customers, the environment, and communities around the world. The report recaps UPS's sustainability goals, accomplishments, and priorities. The annual sustainability report establishes UPS as a leader in sustainability reporting.

Our Position: Where We Stand On Bio-Fuels

LNG Fact Sheet

UPS Australia Fact Sheet

UPS Global Volunteer Month Fact Sheet

UPS Philippines Fact Sheet

UPS Malaysia Fact Sheet

Worldport Freight Facility Fact Sheet

UPS Snapshot for Small Businesses: Doing business in Canada

2013 UPS Annual Report

The UPS Store Gives Tips on Shipping Your Favorite Treats

UPS Disaster Relief Update
Updated 10-12-09

2014 Holiday Visualizations
Are you more of a visual person? Check out these visualizations to see the size and scope of peak season at UPS.

Tips to Make Your Online Returns Policy a Competitive Advantage
With the holidays rapidly approaching and the price of gasoline continuing to hover around four dollars a gallon, you can expect many Americans to leave the family car in the garage this year and shop online.

Ten Things You May Not Know About UPS's Environmental Initiatives

UPS Snapshot for Small Businesses: Doing business in China

UPS Experts Offer Tips for Better Gas Mileage
Just a few years ago, who would have imagined paying near or above $3-a-gallon for gasoline in America? Or Web sites dedicated to finding the lowest local cost for gasoline? Or contest prizes offering a tank or two of free gas?

UPS Brand Platform Campaign Fact Sheet
UPS’s new brand platform campaign makes its debut on Sept. 13, 2010, with a wide range of multi-channel promotions including TV, print, Out Of Home, digital, online, direct mail and e-mail. This marks the first time in UPS history that the company will have a unified global communications platform.

UPS Supply Chain Facility Fact Sheet

UPS Ground Freight Services

UPS Freight Fast Facts (LTL & Truckload):

  • Among the top 5 largest LTL carriers in the U.S.
  • Regional and interregional LTL deliveries made easy with 22,000 one – and two-day lanes and cross-continent three – and four-day service
  • Door-to-door, cross border service
  • 25+ years experience  in managing intermodal transportation
  • The official trade show carrier for over 600 shows a year
  • One of the largest produce carriers in the U.S.
  • Major investments in tractors and trailers with load bars
  • More than 15,000 lane enhancements since 2005

The coolest jobs in the Fortune 500
He's transported just about everything from army hospitals in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina to the Terracotta Warriors from Shanghai to the U.S. for exhibition. FORTUNE magazine named 'UPS Loadmaster' as one of the coolest jobs at a Fortune 500 company.

UPS Snapshot for Small Businesses: Doing Business in Mexico

Safety Training Fact Sheet

UPS Technology for Freight Customers
UPS customers enjoy a common technology experience whether they are shipping and tracking a small package or heavy freight. UPS technologies are designed to enable better decision making and flexibility in the supply chain so that it is easier for customers to manage and expand their shipping operations around the world. Web-based shipment processing, billing and trade management tools help companies anticipate problems, improve customer service and react quickly to unanticipated events.

As a company’s global supply chain becomes more sophisticated their need for freight technology increases. UPS’s technology solutions focus on three primary areas: shipping, billing and visibility.

UPS Timeline

The Evolution of the UPS Delivery Information Acquisition Device (DIAD)
UPS revolutionized the package delivery business in 1991 when it developed and deployed the first Delivery Information Acquisition Device, known as the DIAD. Two decades later, UPS continues its pioneering development efforts with the fifth generation of the DIAD - the DIAD V.

Safe Driving Tips for the Holidays
The 35 days between Thanksgiving and New Years is the busiest long-distance-travel period of the year. More drivers travel 50 miles or more away from their hometown than any other time.

UPS Asia Pacific Region Fact Sheet

UPS Turkey Fact Sheet

UPS Direct to Door Fact Sheet

UPS Taiwan Fact Sheet

Haiti By-the-Numbers

Wireless Is Limitless: Mobile-Driven Logistics
UPS is using a network of wireless devices to better deliver millions of packages, improving efficiency and saving money, time and energy. Wireless technology provides a complete picture of package flow, precisely tracking every item. This allows for better and faster decisions that lower operating costs while improving customer service.

Crafting a Returns Policy that Creates a Competitive Advantage Online

UPS Disaster Preparedness Fact Sheet
To have a global impact, reach disproportionately underserved populations, minimize human suffering and speed economic recovery when disasters, we support humanitarian relief in partnership with leading international organizations including CARE, UNICEF, the American Red Cross and the U.N. World Food Programme (WFP). However, UPS does not wait for disaster to support its humanitarian relief partners. The Foundation also works with relief agencies behind the scenes, providing capacity-building advice, skilled volunteers, and in-kind movements of goods and materials, both before and after disasters.

UPS Trade Direct Fact Sheet

Trade Direct Advantages

  • Removes days from the supply chain
  • Makes it less expensive to do business overseas
  • Reduces inventory ownership time by up to 20 days
  • Reduces handling
  • Reduces dependency on fixed assets
  • Reduces customs paperwork
  • Eliminates issues with multiple carrier bills
  • Respond to seasonal demand without having to overbuild distribution capacity
  • Fewer management resources needed
  • Reduces material handling costs
  • Faster order-to-cash

UPS Services and Solutions for the Department of Defense and Defense Contractors

UPS Environmental Policy Statement and Environmental Guidance Statements

Distribution Backgrounder
UPS Fulfillment Capabilities:

  • Cross-Docking
  • Pick and Pack
  • Kitting
  • Final Stage Assembly, Configuration and Programming
  • Store-Ready Services
  • Order Management
  • Vendor-Managed Inventory (VMI)
  • Critical Order Fulfillment

Package Flow Technologies: Innovation at Work

UPS Services and Solutions for Federal Agencies
UPS helps federal agencies maximize efficiencies, streamline processes, advance sustainability goals and deliver new levels of service through their supply chains.

UPS Alternative Fuel

UPS Among Best Companies for Leaders

UPS Post-Sales Order Management System Fact Sheet
Benefits to Post-Sales OMS Technology:

  • Real-time visibility to orders and inventory around the globe
  • Customizable order system, configured to meet specific business needs
  • Greater flexibility in proactively placing and monitoring critical service orders
  • Decreases order entry detail with “cloning” capability
  • Double byte/Unicode supports Japanese and Chinese characters
  • Selects ideal routing from warehouse to end-user to meet deadline.

2011 UPS Corporate Sustainability Fact Sheet
The 2011 Sustainability Report recaps our actions and performance, reviewing our goals and key performance indicators (KPIs) that were set nearly five years ago. This year, we are disclosing more information than ever, and for the first time, our report presents a materiality matrix. As a result of both external events and a review of our five-year progress, we recommitted to the principle that UPS is part of an interconnected global community, and understand that our success is dependent on economic stability, global trade and a society that welcomes opportunity. In return, we must act responsibly - as a business, an employer, and a corporate citizen.

What Makes UPS My Choice Work
In the beginning, in 2004, most reporters who paid any attention at all to UPS's effort to better manage the flow of packages around the United States knew it mainly as technology that helped drivers avoid making left-hand turns.

Saving Fuel: The Benefits of No Idling
With more than 100,000 vehicles delivering over 15 million packages and documents worldwide each day, UPS knows first-hand the importance of no-idling measures.

UPS Data Centers Fact Sheet

UPS Data Centers Features

  • House the world’s largest DB2 relational data base.
  • Meet zone 2 seismic requirements (Richter Scale)
  • Windward Data Center can withstand 200 mph winds
  • 250+ miles of wire in each center connect all systems
  • 650,000 gallons of chilled water storage in each center to run computers if power fails
  • UPS received Uptime Institute’s 2008 Green Enterprise Technology Award for reducing energy use at the Windward Data Center. UPS reduced power usage by 1,440,000 kwh per year and carbon emissions by more than 1,000 tons.

Key UPS 2014 Peak Facts
As the holiday shipping season approaches, UPS is ready to handle this year's anticipated volume of more than 585 million packages in December - an 11 percent increase over 2013.

UPS Shanghai International Hub Fact Sheet

UPS Shenzhen Asia Pacific Hub Fact Sheet

UPS Corporate Sustainability Report 2012 Fact Sheet
UPS’s Corporate Sustainability Report 2012 highlights how UPS is using engagement, investment, innovation and operations to increase sustainability in its workplace, the marketplace, the environment, and communities around the world.

Sustainable Transport: UPS Fuel Cell Testing Initiative
UPS is committed to a sustainable future, and the company's alternative fuel vehicles play a large role in that commitment. UPS developed and continues to enhance its fleet using a 'rolling laboratory' philosophy - using its alternative fuel fleet as a way to learn about how new technologies and advancements can be adapted for use in a large delivery fleet.

Operating Efficiently: Facts You May Not Know About UPS and the Environment
Beyond alternative fuel vehicles, UPS has a history of helping improve the environment as well as its bottom line.

UPS Paperless Invoice: Less Paper, Fewer Headaches

Saving Fuel: UPS Saves Fuel and Reduces Emissions the "Right" Way by Avoiding Left Turns
For more than a century, UPS has made efficient routing a top priority. Careful route planning is fundamental to the way UPS does business and essential for safe and timely deliveries.

Your Wishes Delivered
Every delivery begins with a wish and this holiday season, UPS is collecting and delivering wishes.

UPS Hong Kong Fact Sheet

UPS Services and Solutions for State Agencies
UPS helps state agencies save money, simplify processes, gain efficiencies and reach sustainability targets — all through the power of logistics.

UPS Vietnam Fact Sheet

UPS Takes Top Honors in Datamonitor's The Black Book of Outsourcing

UPS Canada Fact Sheet

2011 Pain in the Supply Chain Survey

Saving Fuel: Alternative Fuels Drive UPS to Innovative Solutions
UPS is engaged deeply in a global conversation about the future of fuels and energy, because managing fuels and energy is essential to our sustainable business success. UPS is aggressive in using alternative vehicles under real-world operating conditions. We currently operate one of the largest private alternative fuel fleets in the industry.

UPS Temperature-Sensitive Solutions for Healthcare
With more temperature-sensitive healthcare products entering the market and major growth forecasted, pharmaceutical and biotech companies are turning to UPS for temperature-sensitive storage, distribution and transportation services.

UPS Ocean Freight Services
UPS Ocean Freight Fast Facts:

  • UPS is one of the world’s top 10 NVOCCs
  • UPS handles more than 600,000 TEUs annually
  • UPS provides detailed visibility of ocean freight shipments
  • UPS has more than 80 years of collective experience with international trade management
  • UPS is a certified Automated Manifest System (AMS) carrier and a Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) participant
  • EDI connectivity with carriers globally

ORION Backgrounder
Arguably the world’s largest operations research project, ORION uses expansive fleet telematics and advanced algorithms to gather and calculate countless amounts of data to provide UPS drivers with optimized routes.

UPS CHSP Committees Fact Sheet

UPS Worldport Expansion Project

UPS Podcasts for Small Business
Canadian businesses looking for ways to broaden or streamline their import/export practices can now learn from some industry subject matter experts.

UPS India Fact Sheet

Forrester Groundswell Awards Entry

General Government Fact Sheet
UPS is a logistics leader with decades of experience working across the government spectrum. From working with states to develop and implement disaster recovery plans to helping federal agencies gain greater visibility into their operations and advance sustainability goals to moving mission-critical shipments to support the U.S. warfighter, UPS knows government logistics.

UPS Statement On World Trade Week

UPS Decision Green Technology Forum presentation
On Tuesday, March 23, the Decision Green Tech Forum: Greening Your Supply Chain event was held in New York City. The event was designed to showcase how UPS is leveraging technology to bring customer solutions to the market and enhance its sustainability efforts. Dave Barnes, senior vice president and CIO, moderated the program.

UPS Europe Region Fact Sheet

UPS Thailand Fact Sheet

UPS Airlines Environmental Initiatives

The UPS Foundation Fact Sheet
The UPS Foundation leads global citizenship programs for UPS. Its mission is to help build stronger and safer communities by combining strategic philanthropy with the volunteer power of UPSers.

UPS Snapshot for Small Business: Vietnam

Recycling After the Holidays
After the holidays, houses are littered with piles of crumpled wrapping paper and bows, dozens of holiday cards, pine needles on the carpet, and boxes of pesky foam packaging "peanuts." The UPS Store® offers the following recycling tips to simplify post-holiday cleanup so you can start the new year with a clean house (and a clean conscience):

ORION Fact Sheet
UPS ORION brings efficiency and service to new level UPS’s On-Road Integrated Optimization and Navigation (ORION) is proprietary routing software that uses package-level detail and customized online map data to provide drivers with optimized routing information. ORION can enhance customer service and reduce the numbers of miles driven by determining the most efficient delivery route.

UPS Supplier Management

Trends Driving Need for Supplier Management:

  • Sourcing from more locations around the globe
  • Increasing complexity of  regulatory compliance management
  • Demand-driven supply chains and just-in-time inventory management
  • Overseas sourcing by companies with little or no experience in a particular country or region
  • Language and time zone barriers
  • Need for seamless visibility of goods from origin to destination
  • Market competition based on customer service rather than product

How can my business benefit from the Canada-Europe Trade Agreement

Ten Tips for Small Business Success

UPS Americas Region Fact Sheet: Latin America and Canada

UPS Snapshot for Small Businesses: India

2008 UPS Foundation Annual Report (PDF)
Every day the work of The UPS Foundation is dedicated to moving communities to a new horizon. Its programs are designed to help make communities around the world more resilient to the many challenges they face and provide a means for UPS people to channel their compassion and philanthropy.

UPS Scores High Marks at Spelman College
Founded in 1881 and based in Atlanta, Georgia, Spelman CollegeTM is a private historically black college for women. Spelman's student body consists of approximately 2,200 students, representing 44 states across the United States and 15 countries.