Hospital Logistics Can Deliver Substantial Cost Savings

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Let expert supply chain management lower your inbound shipping costs.

These are difficult times for hospital managers. Rising costs, falling reimbursement rates and diminishing margins are making it more difficult than ever to deliver the highest level of patient care.

But there is probably value locked up in your supply chain costs, and it may be possible to free up substantial savings you can put to better use elsewhere in your hospital.

You probably negotiate product prices with vendors but may not focus on transportation costs. So here’s a key question for you: How much does your supply chain transportation really cost and, more importantly, are you overpaying?

To deliver real cost savings you can measure, UPS works with TRIOSE, a world-class solutions provider for the healthcare industry, to manage all aspects of your inbound transportation.

We’ll work on your behalf with a broad cross section of healthcare companies, hospital suppliers and specialty medical equipment producers to reduce costs for your hospital. And we’ll do it without the need for investment in specialized systems or staffing. In fact, our expertise comes to you at no upfront cost.

Our solution is easy to implement and is built on our renowned reliability and logistics expertise — all designed to improve your hospital’s operating margin.

We’ll deliver greater operational control, inbound visibility and detailed expense tracking, which leads to more accurate GL coding and reduced costs for your hospital.

Simply turn this challenge over to UPS and TRIOSE. We’ll manage your inbound freight so you can do what you do best: Deliver optimal patient care.

TRIOSE and UPS offer a turnkey, scalable and seamless solution that can be speedily implemented. It offers optimized technology with the tools to manage your inbound supply chain and use economies of scale to squeeze even more value out of procurement.

Savings through vendor compliance

With up to 10 percent of supply-related costs coming from transportation charges, streamlining your inbound logistics simply makes sense.

TRIOSE helps ensure you don’t pay more than you need to

We will work with both your medical and non-medical suppliers to implement and monitor supply chain compliance. And we’ll even supply dedicated resources to launch your program.

Save money by eliminating unnecessary charges

We scrutinize how and when your purchases arrive to eliminate unnecessary expedited shipping charges that needlessly cost you money.

Efficiency using data

When your shipments arrive via UPS, your central supply staff and processes can be more efficient, while your internal customers can receive better information about where products are, and when they’ll arrive, allowing staff to plan each day.

Manage costs and inventory

Hospitals can use shipping data to obtain preferential pricing from vendors and to actively manage inventory replenishment so you buy only what you need at that moment, spreading your costs over time and saving on unnecessary inventory.

Build efficiency and improve your cash flow

Our solution can significantly reduce manual transaction processing and integrates billing data with hospital business systems to build efficiency and help reduce costly errors.

Measurable near-term results

The UPS and TRIOSE inbound freight management solution can be implemented quickly with no capital investment by the hospital.

Complete solution

UPS works with hospitals with limited logistics resources as well as those with logistics staff who want to see supply chain improvement.

Same-year economic benefit

An efficient inbound freight management program can result in immediate, significant cost savings that can be measured within one year.

Customized Supply Chain Management

UPS and TRIOSE offer customized solutions to hospitals for all aspects of their supply chain logistics.


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