UPS Healthcare Facilities Backgrounder


UPS provides global supply chain solutions and expertise to pharmaceutical, biopharma and medical device companies. UPS has approximately 8 million square feet of cGMP- or cGDP-compliant healthcare distribution space. UPS also maintains one of the world’s largest networks of field stocking locations with approximately 900 sites.

For parcels requiring strict temperature environments, from CRT to cryogenic, and those requiring around-the-clock monitoring, UPS has solutions such as UPS Temperature True™ and UPS Proactive Response™ services. UPS is committed to expanding its healthcare capabilities including acquisitions of Marken, CEMELOG and Poltraf, to meet the complex and evolving supply chain needs of the healthcare and life science sectors. Visit

UPS healthcare facilities provide customers with the following advantages:

  • Accessibility - Strategic locations within the UPS network give companies access to transportation and distribution resources that help them get the right products to the right customers at the right time.
  • Controlled Environments - PDMA- (Prescription Drug Marketing Act) and cGMP- (current Good Manufacturing Practice) compliant distribution space with temperature and humidity controlled environments ensure that products remain in optimal conditions during storage.
  • Shared Services - Multi-client facilities allow customers to reduce supply chain costs.
  • Regulatory Expertise - Facilities maintain appropriate geographic specific regulatory requirements, including FDA (Food and Drug Administration), DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency), Health Canada, EMA (European Medicines Agency), HSA (Health Sciences Agency) and VAWD (Verified Accredited Wholesale Distributor), and all applicable government accreditations and licenses.
  • Advanced Training - Rigorous UPS training and auditing programs to meet our commitment: "It's a Patient, Not a Package."

UPS Facility Fast Facts:

  • Approximately 8 million square feet of cGMP- compliant, healthcare distribution space globally.
  • Strategic UPS healthcare-dedicated facilities around the world
  • 21 CFR Part 11 validated Warehouse Management Systems
  • Quality assurance systems that adhere to FDA, CFR and state pharmacy regulations
  • Validated temperature-controlled storage and freezer capabilities
  • Controlled substance storage, including DEA-approved vaults and cages
  • Dry ice replenishment and refrigeration services
  • ISO certified

Inside the UPS Louisville Healthcare Logistics Campus:

UPS's Healthcare Logistics campus is located near the company's Worldport global air hub in Louisville, giving customers the advantage of next-day delivery for air shipment orders received as late as 11 p.m. as well as UPS ground deliveries within two days or less to 60 percent of U.S. locations. These FDA-regulated facilities are divided into validated temperature-controlled and ambient sections and are designed to handle sensitive pharmaceuticals and biologics. They are also designed to facilitate the efficient distribution of over-the-counter and prescription drugs as well as other medical-related products and equipment.

Among the services offered at UPS's Louisville healthcare facilities include:

  • Inventory receiving
  • Put-away services
  • Order fulfillment
  • Product configuration
  • Quality assurance evaluation
  • Returns management
  • Critical parts deployment
  • Kitting
  • Samples shipments
  • Transportation management

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