UPS Temperature-Sensitive Solutions for Healthcare


With more temperature-sensitive healthcare products entering the market and major growth forecasted, pharmaceutical and biotech companies are turning to UPS for temperature-sensitive storage, distribution and transportation services.

To help customers manage the entire supply chain process, UPS offers a broad range of solutions:

  • Extensive network of healthcare facilities that are PDMA- and cGMP- compliant and offer temperature- and humidity- controlled environments
  • Comprehensive transportation and distribution services
  • Shipment refrigeration intervention services
  • Dry ice and replenishment services for drugs, medical samples and biological products
  • Around-the-clock monitoring and track-and-trace services
  • UPS Packaging Lab, which offers temperature and humidity chambers for testing packaging of temperature-sensitive products
  • Ability to move both passive and active airline containers depending upon customer preferences and product requirements
  • Temperature profiles, monitoring and reporting utilizing calibrated and validated equipment
  • UPS Freight refrigerated trailers with satellite in-route temperature monitoring and post-transit reporting

UPS Proactive ResponseSM:
Recognizing the importance of knowing where high-value and patient-critical products are at all times, UPS offers a 24/7 proactive monitoring service for healthcare products called UPS Proactive Response. The contract service alerts customers to any potential delays in the supply chain so that they can make critical decisions about products and includes the following at select air facilities:

  • Around-the-clock monitoring for any shipment "at risk" of being delayed
  • Shipment intervention and recovery services
  • Dry ice replenishment
  • Refrigeration intervention

Proactive Response helps healthcare companies ensure the product integrity throughout the supply chain while also reducing costs associated with products that go outside their temperature range and have to be destroyed. UPS customers also can access other visibility tools such as UPS Quantum View or UPS Flex Global View to track shipment status during express package and air freight transit.

Managing the Temperature-Sensitive Environment:

  • UPS Proactive Response™ Secure, a new proactive shipment monitoring and risk management solution that covers products up to their retail value and protects shippers against unforeseen delays such as weather-related issues.
  • UPS Temperature True® services, which leverage global processes, dedicated-healthcare resources, quality assurance and control towers to provide compliant solutions for temperature-sensitive products. This service now features tiers that are customized for products’ time- and temperature-requirements: Plus, Standard and Saver.
  • We have validated temperature- and humidity-controlled warehousing capabilities for the full temperature ranges from deep frozen to ambient, along with packaging consulting services to meet any packaging need

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