UPS Applauds Budget Focus on Greening Transportation Sector, Support for Canadian Business and Trade

CA 03/23/16


UPS Canada (NYSE:UPS) welcomed support in yesterday’s federal budget to help reduce emissions in Canada’s transportation sector, and broaden trade infrastructure to help Canadian businesses expand their cross border commerce.

“UPS has made it a central point of our global mandate to transition our fleet to low-emissions vehicles wherever possible. We are pleased the Government of Canada shares our commitment to greening Canada’s transportation sector with yesterday’s commitment to invest in alternative transportation fuels and infrastructure in Canada,” said Christoph Atz, UPS Canada President.

UPS has partnered with governments around the world to invest in sustainable transportation infrastructure and is on track to reach its global goal of driving 1 billion miles in alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles by the end of 2017. UPS Canada welcomes the opportunity to work with Natural Resources Canada as it grows Canada’s alternative transportation fueling infrastructure.  

“UPS shares this government’s belief that we must invest in sustainable infrastructure today if we want to see environmental and economic benefits tomorrow,” Atz said. “UPS has nearly 7,000 alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles on the road globally, and over 900 in Canada. The more this government is able to advance its alternative fuel infrastructure, the more UPS and other transportation industry leaders will be able to expand their low-emissions fleets.”

The federal budget also made important investments for long-term growth by supporting innovation, trade and productivity among Canadian businesses.

“Every day, UPS Canada works with small-to-medium sized businesses who need that extra push to seize global market opportunities and grow their business. With targeted investment in the Government’s Innovation Agenda, and with measures such as the National Research Council’s Industrial Research Assistance Program, these businesses will be better positioned to get their goods and services to a broader range of customers,” Atz said.

UPS leaders are encouraged by the government’s emphasis on expanding new trade opportunities with global emerging markets, and its recognition of the importance of breaking down trade barriers, both internal and abroad. In addition, the budget’s support for trade-enabling infrastructure, such as tariff relief on manufacturing inputs and the Government of Canada’s work on the Gordie Howe International Bridge, is an important first step in building a robust trading infrastructure to help Canadian businesses get their goods to market.  

“UPS shares the Government of Canada’s view that by opening Canada up to more trade and investment opportunities, it will encourage Canadian businesses to grow and create good jobs for Canadians,” said Atz.

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