The Power Of A Hug

US 12/02/20

Atlanta, GA

Wishes Delivered helps a mom provide hope to LGBTQ community

Sara Cunningham believes in the power of a hug.

She knows a hug, a kind word or simply a note of inspiration can help people, particularly those in the LGBTQ community who feel their life won’t be, or isn’t, accepted by their friends and family.

“There’s a saying that says when a gay child comes out of their closet, often times the parents go into theirs,” says Sara.

Thanks to a learning experience with her son, Parker, Sara created Free Mom Hugs to celebrate the LGBTQ community through visibility, education and conversation. And her passion inspired UPS to help.

Watch this Wishes Delivered video and see how UPS partnered with Sara and Parker to provide the love of Free Mom Hugs.

To learn more about Free Mom Hugs, stories of those helped by the organization and Free Mom Hugs chapters, visit Free Mom Hugs.


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