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UPS Expands Marketplace Shipping Platform By Adding Houzz And Pricefalls Marketplace

03.20.18 | US

  • UPS technology allows sellers to import orders from multiple e-commerce marketplaces
  • Merchants benefit from simplified shipping process and price discounts
  • Service speeds up e-commerce transactions

Online marketplaces are the undisputed kings of e-commerce. Consumers love clicking into a digital world of seemingly limitless choices with sales fulfilled by a panorama of sellers. But, for many of these sellers, managing transactions across multiple e-commerce marketplaces is too complex.

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UPS Switches On Smart Grid In London To Super-Charge Electric Delivery Fleet

03.19.18 | GB

Cutting Edge Deployment of Advanced Technology Vehicle & Charging Signals Shift Away from Reliance on Combustion Engine

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Longitudes: The UPS Blog

Becoming Global Citizens To Rebuild Trust in Our Globalized World

Thu, 22 Mar 2018 03:30:45 GMT

The great moral challenge is living together ethically as global citizens and celebrating the connectedness of our technological world. Laura D'Olimpio | The University of Notre Dame Australia The erosion of trust in a civil society is one of the greatest moral challenges in the world today. Democratic societies are anxious. Leaders – and the […]

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