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UPS Research Identifies Growing Demand for Industrial Machinery After-sales Service

07.07.15 | US

Enhanced after-sales service may lead to a competitive advantage

New UPS (NYSE: UPS) research has revealed that 78 percent of small- to mid-size industrial machinery companies believe their customers’ expectations for after-sales service are rising, but only 12 percent of those manufacturers say replacement parts and service are top differentiators for their business.

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UPS Tests Electric Cargo Bike in Basel

07.06.15 | US

UPS (NYSE:UPS) is testing an electrically supported cargo bike for the delivery and pickup of packages in downtown Basel, Switzerland. UPS is exploring the economic and ecological viability of this alternative mode of transportation for city-center delivery over a period of four weeks. The company already uses battery-aided cargo bikes in Hamburg, Germany (photo).

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Longitudes: The UPS Blog

Four Trends Accelerating Entrepreneurship in Africa

Tue, 07 Jul 2015 03:30:07 GMT

Africa is ready to bring its innovative solutions to the world. Reuben Coulter | World Economic Forum Aubrey Hruby | Senior Advisor This month, President Obama will make his second trip to Sub-Saharan Africa for the Global Entrepreneurship Summit, highlighting the growing importance of Africa on the international stage and the increased dynamism of business […]

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