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Company Information

The Conversation - Why UPS drivers don’t turn left and you probably shouldn’t either

01.20.17 | US

It might seem strange, but UPS delivery vans don’t always take the shortest route between stops.

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Citizen-Times - UPS driver: 'This is what I was called to do'

12.22.16 | US

It's Tuesday morning, and like most days, Dwight Patton has a little bit of everything on his big brown UPS truck, from live crickets to a set of tires.

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Product And Services

CNN - What does the UPS pharmacist do?

02.08.17 | US

Pete Vowels walks through his unusual role inside shipping company UPS.

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Wall Street Journal - UPS Takes a Stake in Retail Returns Specialist Optoro

12.20.16 | US

United Parcel Service is investing in a logistics provider that helps companies take back and resell returned merchandise, an increasingly costly burden for retailers as more consumers take their shopping online.

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Upworthy - The Eco-Friendly Reason Your Next Delivery May Arrive Via Electric Bike

12.22.16 | US

Pedal-assist bikes, like the UPS e-bike, are akin to a hybrid car. The operator pedals the bike mostly under their own power, but the battery can kick in for a boost when needed, like going up steep hills or carrying heavy loads.

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Forbes - UPS Is Conducting A Vast Rolling Lab Experiment To Create The Clean Truck Of The Future

09.30.16 | US

UPS is testing the e-trikes and thousands of other alternative fuel vehicles in various scenarios around the world as part of a “rolling laboratory” approach

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