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Rooted in the innovative use of technology, UPS's unmatched global network enables the broadest and most reliable solutions in the industry.

UPS leverages technology to empower customers with personalized solutions that simplify global trade and optimize supply chains. No matter what a customer is shipping or where, UPS helps its customers grow, manage costs and improve their customer service.



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Technology Facts: UPS

Learn more about the technology behind UPS.

ORION Backgrounder

Arguably the world’s largest operations research project, ORION uses expansive fleet telematics and advanced algorithms to gather and calculate countless amounts of data to provide UPS drivers with optimized routes.

The Evolution of the UPS Delivery Information Acquisition Device (DIAD)

UPS revolutionized the package delivery business in 1991 when it developed and deployed the first Delivery Information Acquisition Device, known as the DIAD. Two decades later, UPS continues its pioneering development efforts with the fifth generation of the DIAD - the DIAD V.



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