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Elite UPS Safe Driver Group Grows To More Than 9,300

02.20.17 | US

First-Ever French Driver Joins the “Circle”

  • Largest Group of Safe Drivers in Company’s 109-year History
  • UPS “Circle of Honor” Drivers Have Logged Enough Safe Miles to Drive to the moon and Back 29,000 Times
  • Michigan’s Tom Camp is Company’s Longest-Tenured Safe Driver, with 54 Years of Accident-Free Driving

 UPS (NYSE:UPS) today announced the induction of 1,575 drivers into its elite “Circle of Honor,” raising to 9,349 the number of drivers who have not had an avoidable accident for 25 years or more. Nearly 10 percent of the UPS driver workforce has gone 25 years or more without a crash.

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UPS Enhances Tracking Technology

02.13.17 | US

Flex™ Global View Provides More Visibility for Customers

UPS today announced improvements to Flex™ Global View, an event management and visibility tool for air, ocean and surface freight shipments, plus warehouse inventory, purchase orders and customs entry details.

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UPS Cools Wine with Summer Solutions

06.15.15 |

Along a winding, tree-lined road nestled in Napa Valley, Calif., Swiss entrepreneur Donald Hess first opened the Hess Collection Winery in 1978 and has expanded to more than 1,000 acres of vineyards.

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  • 11.17.16 | US

    Opportunity Through a Single Lens

    Speaking at the National Urban League’s Equal Opportunity Dinner in New York, UPS Chairman and Chief Executive Officer David Abney said Americans must decide that opportunity is an inalienable right and “see the value in the differences that make us a nation unlike any other, a patchwork quilt sewn with threads of many colors.”

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  • 10.05.16 | US

    A Shared Mission: Connect, Create, Collaborate.

    At the North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries’ annual conference in Atlanta, Myron Williams, president of Sales Strategy and Sales Operations, discussed a challenge shared by UPS and state lotteries. “We have a challenge shared by any successful organization. And that is to prevent the success in our past from becoming an anchor to the success in our future.”

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